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"Getting in service quickly is your mission...making it happen is the challenge!" Whether you are moving RIT equipment on the fire ground or patients from a mass casualty incident, TURK streamlines the process with its simple and uncomplicated approach. It will change the way you work FOREVER!

mainpic Allows for one rescuer to transport the RIT basket from apparatus to emergency scene.

Can be kept in a folded position in a compartment or mounted on the exterior of apparatus with optional mounting system.

Frees up manpower during a RIT operation allowing firefighters to run other needed equipment.

A means of transport for patients and equipment in contaminated areas where maneuverability is difficult in a level A suit.

About the TURK

Thank you for your interest in The TURK. Detailed information about our products and accessories is available in the "Fact Sheet" link to the Left. Take a look at our "Photo Gallery" and "Video Gallery" pages to see more detailed pictures and videos of THE TURK, and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, as we will continually update our website. We are committed to providing our current and future customers, with an online experience that will serve to educate, and showcase the many uses of THE TURK.

Since the implementation of the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) the portability of the stokes basket on the fire ground or emergency scene has proven to be an arduous task. The average weight of the basket with tools is in excess of 200 lbs., requiring four members to transport the basket from apparatus to the fire ground. This process is fatiguing to the RIT members and presents the question of physical readiness of the team in the event a MAYDAY is declared. Firefighters have improvised and developed different techniques to more easily accomplish this task. There has been no piece of equipment created that addresses this dilemma that is versatile and non problematic. These concerns have compelled me to develop a better system to transport the stokes basket.


A Washington DC. Metropolitan Fire Dept.
On June 2, 2009 Rescue 2 responded to the worst METRO accident in the systems history. Nine people lost their lives and countless others were trapped in the wreckage. Rescue 2 was the first arriving Rescue Company and had to carry equipment down the track bed approx. 1000 feet to the point of impact. When we arrived on the scene, the Truck pulled up behind us and they were using the "TURK Cart". The technician from T6 and myself were able to place a metal stokes along with a wide variety of extrication into the cart and move down the track bed with just the two of us. This would have easily taken 8 to 10 people to move the equipment that we did and it started the extrication process much quicker.
Bill W.
A Washington DC Metropolitan Fire Dept.

Glen Dale VFD
The Glenn Dale VFD recently purchased a TURK for their Rescue Squad . My company has drilled on this piece of equipment extensively for the past month and have revealed multiple uses for the device. My department has not come across a rescue cart that is as simple and fast to put in service as the TURK. Its usefulness on practically every fire call has made it a welcomed part of our tool inventory. The TURK makes moving patients or equipment in a stokes basket much easier and faster. Highly recommended and long overdue, itís a great piece of equipment.

Chief Robert M
Glenn Dale VFD

Kentland Volunteer Fire Department
The Kentland Volunteer Fire Department is proud to use the TURK. It proved very beneficial during the blizzard conditions we faced in February of 2010. On more than one occasion, the TURK was utilized to transport equipment down snow filled blocks. On one incident in-particular, the TURK was chosen to get equipment from Rescue Squad 33 to a house that had collapsed on an elderly female. The TURK allowed our members to make one trip in 40 plus inches of snow instead of multiple, energy draining ones. This helped members, who were already passed the point of exhaustion, make quick work of the incident and allowed the injured (house) occupant to be transported to the hospital quickly.

Tony K
Chief 33
Kentland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Prince George's County, Maryland

A Washington DC. Metropolitan Fire Dept.
"The TURK is a well designed, unique tool that is very beneficial when operating as a RIT company. It enables one man, instead of four, to transport a stokes basket with tools. Many times our apparatus must park blocks away as a RIT company and the TURK cart has made it much easier to get into service. Also, the versatility of its compatibility with backboards and ladders increases its potential."

Captain Mark S
A Washington DC. Metropolitan Fire Dept.

The Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue
"The Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue recently purchased a TURK RIT cart for each of our three RIT companies and our firefighters couldn't be more pleased with its performance and stow-ability. The TURK is the answer to the problem that many RIT companies face when forced to walk their RIT basket in from long distances which normally requires four firefighters. It's unique design allows one firefighter to easily deploy the TURK, load a stokes basket though the cart, and move it an extended distance with ease. Greg Turnell's experience in the fire service and the obstacles we face in day to day RIT/Rescue operations is evident in the TURK's ingenious design"

Chief L. Brad C
The Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue
Bedford, Virginia

April 22-27, 2013
FDIC Show, Indianapolis, IN
Come see the TURK in action!

June 23rd, 2009.
D.C. Metro Train Accident. The TURK was utilized to transport equipment
to the scene of the accident.

September 9, 2010.
The TURK was demonstrated in the Cumberland Coal Resources mine
at Waynesburg, PA. The TURK was put through a series of rigourous
tests in the mine. Because of its ease of operation and ruggedness,
it received overwhelming approval from the miners. We look forward
to working with the mining industry

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